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Dr. Alejandro Acuña, an aesthetic doctor recognized nationally and internationally for his extensive professional experience in the world of aesthetic medicine, directs the AA Clinic center located in Ourense, Galicia.
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The patient's health is always the highest priority.

In constant training inside and outside Spain, Dr. Alejandro Acuña is one of the most innovative aesthetic doctors in facial and body rejuvenation techniques, for the global three-dimensional treatment of the face and body, he is a Cosmetic Surgeon by the International Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Due to all this, he has recently been recognized by theRamón y Cajal Academyas a full member for his contribution to the field of aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Acuña is the originator of the techniques Lipo Elite, Liposoft 6D and Micro Fit 4D, which is performed with Vaser and Renuvion technology, of which it is a pioneer and which allows very precise liposuction surgeries with skin retraction, minimizing risks, due to its minimal intraoperative invasion.

He is also a trainer of trainers, national Key Opinion Leader in Hyaluronic Acid and Botulinum Toxin and collaborator in radio and television programs. With this background, at AA Clinic the doctor is also concerned about being updated on the latest treatments and technologies and shares his experiences with professionals in the sector through congresses and courses organized throughout Spain and Portugal.

His clinic is equipped with the most advanced equipment on the market to achieve the best results. They have just introduced in Spain a high-frequency electrosurgical generator with helium plasma called Renuvion, an innovative technology in surgery worldwide.

The services offered by AA Clinic include, in addition to aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery, other services such as gynecological esthetics, nutrition, advanced esthetics, dental esthetics, physiotherapy, among others.

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Surgeon, Universidad del Norte (Colombia, 1998).

Homologation to the Spanish degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery Nº011318/2000/H1230 (Spain, 2000)

Diploma in Hospital Management from Bournemouth University (England, 2002).

Master's Degree in Aesthetic Medicine from the University of the Balearic Islands (Spain, 2011).

Master in Trichology and Hair Transplant by the University of Alcalá, Madrid (Spain, 2013).

Advanced Vaser Assisted Liposuction Course, 4D Lipo. Dr. Hoyos (Bogotá - Colombia, 2015)

Expert in Liposculpture, Related Techniques and Regenerative Medicine awarded by the Spanish Foundation of Medicine, Aesthetics and Longevity and the University of Cordoba (Spain, 2016).

Master in Body and Orthostatic Liposculpture by the International School of Orthostatic Liposculpture of Prof. Dr. Giorgio Fischer (Colombia, 2018).

Advanced Training in Liposculpture and Tumescent Lipoplasty by the Colombian Association of Cosmetic Surgery (Colombia, 2018).

Advanced Training in 4D Abdominal Marking by the Colombian Association of Cosmetic Surgery (2018, Colombia)

Certification in General Aesthetic Surgery by International Board of Cosmetic Surgery (Colombia, 2019)

Winner of Cantabrico Exelente Award in Aesthetic Medicine (2019)

Winner of the European Awards in Aesthetic Medicine (2019).

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Complementary training in national and international reference centers: Colombian Association of Cosmetic Surgery, Cali (Colombia), Anido-Amselem Academy, Madrid (Spain), Dr. Morano’s Clinic, Mallorca (Spain) and Medisans Clinic, Mallorca (Spain).

Cristal Piñor Hospital, Ourense (Spain); Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Medicine, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); Activa Biomédica Wellness Center, Barranquilla (Colombia).

CEO of AA Clinic Aesthetic Medicine Unit, Ourense (Spain).

Regular member of the Italian Society of Liposculpture.

Regular member of the Portuguese Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery.

Numerary member of the Ramón y Cajal Academy of Health Sciences.
Ambassador in Spain for Galderma.

Collaborator of the Mississipi Institution, University of Alcalá – Madrid (Spain).

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