renuvion - Dr. Alejandro Acuña

What is Renuvion and what does it consist of?

It is an advanced energy device that combines the unique properties of cold Helium Plasma with radiofrequency energy. Renuvion uses the energy of a cold plasma at the subdermal level to tighten and rejuvenate the skin instantly, anywhere on the body or face.

It incorporates plasma technology based on helium, which consists of passing this inert gas over a blade and activating it to form a plasma jet.

What is Renuvion for?

Its main use is to tighten and improve skin flaccidity in any part of the body or face, without large incisions and without time off work. It can also be used as a surgical tool for cutting, coagulation, ablation and tissue dissection.

In which areas can it be applied?

Renuvion can be applied to any part of the body, in both men and women, from 20 to 80 years of age.

Most popular Renuvion application areas:

  • abdomen
  • arms
  • thighs
  • neck

What are the benefits of Renuvion?

The main benefit of Renuvion is the correction of skin flaccidity.

  • No visible scars
  • Fast recovery
  • No sick leave
  • Helps you achieve smooth skin
  • Natural results


You will be in the hands of one of the pioneers and virtuosos in the use of this technique, Dr. Alejandro Acuña.


Incisions of 5mm max. and made in favorable areas. Painless recovery with minimal discomfort.


The patient walks away and the recovery time is much shorter than any traditional method.


Better skin retraction is achieved thanks to ultrasound, something that the traditional method does not achieve.


Indisputably all patients who have a medium to moderate flaccidity, patients who have had a great weight loss and their chin, arms, abdomen or crotch has become flaccid, also in patients who want to perform a lipo (without cutting the skin) but not a plasty, and want the skin to be firmer.

Ideal for those who have undergone non-invasive body shaping or size reduction treatments and did not see the expected results.

Care prior to the Renuvion technique

No great care is necessary before undergoing Renuvion treatment, but it is important to stop taking anticoagulant drugs and supplements, such as aspirin, to minimize the risk of complications.

How much does Renuvion cost?

The price of Renuvion Treatment varies from patient to patient, depending on the areas to be treated. We recommend that you request more information with our form or directly in our clinic and if you can go to a first consultation with Dr. Alejandro Acuña, to study your case.

When will I see the results of my Renuvion procedure?

The results after undergoing the Renuvion technique are practically immediate. But they improve in the second week as the area heals.

Aftercare after the Renuvion technique

Unlike more invasive procedures, patients who undergo Renuvion will not have to take special care, they will be able to go on with their lives as normal.