Carboxytherapy facial

Facial carboxytherapy is mainly used for eyelid rejuvenation, reduction of periocular wrinkles and improvement of dark circles under the eyes; in addition to correcting facial contours and making sagging disappear.

It consists of the infiltration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the area to be treated, subcutaneously with a very fine needle, which makes it practically painless. Its introduction under the skin is completed with a massage that helps to distribute it.

There is no risk of systemic toxicity and there are hardly any side effects, with a slight and fleeting discomfort in the area to be treated.

It can be associated with other treatments such as mesotherapy or radiofrequency to achieve a more satisfactory final result.

The treatment is performed in 8 to 10 sessions to obtain good results. The duration of the technique in each session will depend on the area to be treated.