FUE technique, hair surgery

Hair transplantation is the only effective and definitive treatment for baldness.

In our Aesthetic Medicine Unit we perform theFollicular Unit Extraction (FUE)technique. It is the most advanced and effective hair restoration technique available today. Although it is a very laborious method, it has two great advantages: it does not leave scars, since it does not require cutting a strip of scalp (as in the case of traditional hair transplantation) and it offers a definitive hair repopulation.

The technique consists of the extraction of follicular units and their reimplantation in the areas of the scalp that are depopulated. The follicular units are extracted through incisions of less than 1 millimeter that heal within 48 hours. Since it is not necessary to remove a strip of skin, as in the case of traditional hair transplantation, no scar or mark is left in the “donor” areas, this will allow patients who so wish to wear their hair very short or even shaved.

As the hair to be transplanted is obtained one by one, the procedure is slow and meticulous, but on the other hand it does not present any post-surgical risks and does not require any recovery time: the patient can resume normal life almost immediately after undergoing a FUE session.

The treatment isneither painful nor invasive and allows a much more naturalresult to be obtained by regulating the density of the new hair. The form of hair implantation is performed based on what the surgeon and the patient decided together.
This technique is also being used to cover scars from previous hair transplants and for hair transplantation in beard and eyebrow areas.