We offer to our customers an innovative procedure to easily remove fat deposits minimally invasive and achieving effective results.

If you have experienced weight gain and you have not achieved your expected results, even with rigorous exercise and diet, VASER Lipo is the solution. VASER Lipo allows to remove excess fat in one or many areas of the body, being possible to sculpt multiple areas in a single procedure:

  • Jowls, chin and neck
  • Abs, hips or love handles
  • Male and female breasts
  • Arms
  • Back, buttocks or thighs
  • Knees, calves and ankles

What is Vaser Lipo?

VASER Lipo is an advanced body contouring procedure that uses gentle ultrasonic energy to break apart and remove unwanted fat, while preserving other important tissue structures.

VASER technology enables a wide range of treatment possibilities, from small problem areas to major transformations.

Physician users report fast patient recovery, smooth results and enhanced skin retraction.

VASER Lipo can be performed safely in-office or in a surgery center/hospital.

VASER Lipo has been clinically proven to be a safe and effective treatment in thousands of patients.


You will be in the hands of one of the pioneers in the use of this technology, Dr. Alejandro Acuña


The incisions made are less than 5 mm in size, located in favorable sites. Painless healing and minimum discomfort.


VASER LIPO is a walk-in, walk-out procedure, with less recovery time than any traditional method


Ultrasounds provide a better skin retraction and smoother results, not attainable with traditional liposuction methods.


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How Vaser Lipo works?

Fatty tissue consists primarily of fat cells, but also contains other important tissues. VASER Lipo uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to directly target and break up fat cells, while preserving other important tissues, such as nerves, blood vessels and collagen. Liquefied fat is easily removed through a gentle suction process or a massage

Fatty tissue is composed mainly of fat cells, vascular tissues and connective tissues
A tumescent fluid (saline solution with anesthetic agents) is infiltrated throughout the fatty tissue
Ultrasonic high-frequency waves break up and emulsify fat cells into the infusion fluid
Liquefied fat is easily removed through a gentle suction process or a massage
Skin retracts during the healing process to give a smooth, natural-looking result

Why choosing Liposoft 6D

over traditional liposuction, according to Dr. Acuña, pioneer in the use of Vaser Lipo in Spain.

1. Better outcomes. Technological advances and, in particular, Vaser technology, have expanded the possibilities for selective fat removal. Today, the treatment of areas that were inaccessible 15 years ago is ordinary, and we can achieve results that were unimaginable at that time.

2. Faster and easier recovery. Liposoft 6D is a minimally invasive procedure. The incisions made are less than 5 mm in size and located in favorable and discrete sites (e.g. the abdominal area, just below the bikini line). Ultrasound is the gentlest and less traumatic body contouring technique available. Liposoft 6D is walk-in, walk-out procedure, with a fast and painless recovery, minimum discomfort and less bruising than any traditional method.

3. Suitable for men and women The procedure can be done in any patient, regardless of age and gender, achieving optimal results.

4. Better skin retraction One of key strengths of Liposoft 6D: ultrasounds enable better skin retraction and smoother outcomes than traditional liposuction.

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Me realicé una liposucción por la técnica vaser y la recomiendo porque es indolora y con muy buenos resultados. El Dr. Acuña lo recomiendo por su profesionalidad. Es una suerte tener un médico como él en Ourense.

Mary Carmen

Me decidí a quitarme la grasa localizada que tenía y lo hice con el médico estético el Dr. Alejandro Acuña en su quirofanillo por medio de una máquina nueva que él tiene. El procedimiento fue completamente indoloro y la evolución buenísima, no tuve hematomas y apenas alguna molestia. Recomiendo a todas las chicas que quieran quitarse la grasa que vayan a la clínica de este gran médico, me ha cambiado la vida sin sufrimiento.


El cuerpo es un montón de arcilla que se puede moldear y esculpir al igual que un bloque de mármol. El resultado depende del artista, del escultor, de su sensibilidad y visión. El doctor Alejandro Acuña, no hay duda de que es esa clase de persona. Un gran artista con visión y sensibilidad. Lo mejor de este gran profesional, a parte de lo ya citado, es la seguridad y el trato cordial que ofrece el y todo su equipo a sus pacientes. Estar en este centro es toda una delicia.


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