Skin blemishes are one of today’s major concerns. They are considered unsightly and are the cause of accelerated skin aging. They are more frequent in women and more common in brown skin. Its appearance is directly related to hormonal activity (pregnancy, oral contraceptives, menopause…) and sun exposure.

Peeling is a facial rejuvenation treatment that allows the elimination of small wrinkles, skin spots and the improvement of the texture and tone of the skin lost with the passage of time and the influence of harmful factors such as the sun, tobacco and/or stress, among others.

It consists of the peeling of the skin produced by the application of normally acidic substances that irritate the stratum corneum and penetrate deeply. Superficial peels penetrate 0.6 mm. – thickness of the epidermis – although they can sometimes reach the papillary dermis. They act by making the most superficial layers of the skin disappear, producing a whitening effect and closing the pores. It is indicated in cases of skin aging caused by age spots, fine or moderate wrinkles, acne sequelae and enlarged pores, both at facial and body level. Useful also in cases of active acne and folliculitis.

Medical peelings are performed in consultation, in several sessions – depending on each patient – and are very well tolerated by all skin types, requiring subsequent sun protection. The peeling will be performed in several sessions with an interval of 72 hours to 2 weeks, depending on several factors: skin type, active substance to be used (type of peeling) and patient tolerance to the peeling.