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Erasing spots and moles with a peel is possible

Removing spots and moles with a peel is possible, and in fact it is one of the safest and easiest treatments available.

On this page you can find all the information you need about the causes of the appearance of spots on the face and about whatmedical peelingis and how it is applied.

What is medical peeling? and what it consists of

Medical peeling is a rejuvenating treatment in which differentacids are applied to the skin. The purpose of this acid solution is to exfoliate the superficial part of the skin, eliminating skin blemishes.

The peeling can be applied in three ways depending on the characteristics of the stains: superficial, medium or deep. This process helps to renew the superficial layer of the skin, resulting in a smoother and more uniform texture.

To correctly remove skin blemishes using peeling, a specialistmust make a previous evaluation. Depending on the patient’s needs, the specialist will choose the most appropriate methodand the optimal acids for the procedure.

The most commonly used acids are trichloroacetic, glycolic, phenol salicylic and mandelic acids. It is likely that a moisturizing treatment will be recommended before the medical peeling session.

Why do spots and moles appear on the skin?

The surface of our skin will always be prone to the appearance of imperfections, whether they are moles or blemishes. Although it is something natural in human beings, there are people who are uncomfortable with the presence of these irregularities.

The professional term for skin blemishes is hyperpigmentation which is a consequence of excess melanin. Melanin is a biopolymer that is responsible for skin and hair pigmentation, but in excess, it can cause hyperpigmentation. This increase may occur due to an excess of pigment-producing cells.

On the other hand, moles are the consequence of an excessive agglomeration of skin cells producing melanin. In this case, moles may becongenital and usually appear before the age of 50.

Some moles, as well as spots, can reach quite large sizes, which is not usually pleasing to the patient. However, it is possible to remove moles and skin blemishes thanks to the procedures we have mentioned.

and rejuvenates 
your face

What types of medical peels are there?

There are three types of peels depending on the depth at which they act. Below we will see in which cases they are applied:

  • Superficial:It is applied to patients who do not find it comfortable to suffer an accentuated peeling of the skin that is visible. Usually only a small reddening of the skin is noticed, which disappears easily. It is used to treat small wrinkles, acne marks and open pores.
  • Intermediate: This treatment is a little deeper with the epidermis, with more intense redness and temporary peeling. This peel treats sun spots and deeper wrinkles.
  • Deep: This method tends to penetrate deeper into the skin and its effects are more visible, although recovery is slower. This treatment is used for much darker spots and other major problems.

It is of vital importance that the patient complies with the specialist’s indications regarding post-treatment care. One of the general recommendations is to avoid exposing the skin to the sun’s rays for a considerable period of time. Removing skin blemishes with medical peelingis quite simple and does not involve great risks.

Types of stains
on the skin

Many are unaware of the fact that skin blemishes are usually classified into several groups. They can be divided into three main types of spots:

  1. Pigmentation spots:These are also known as senile spots because they tend to appear with age. This type of spots are thin layers that arise from exposure to the sun. This is why they appear in the most exposed areas such as the face and hands.
  2. Melasma: Also called chloasma or “mask of pregnancy”, they usually appear on the face and arms. These spots appear due to hormonal processes and usually affect about 90% of pregnant women.
  3. Inflammatory hyperpigmentation: This type of spots appear after a skin lesion has healed. They are characterized by maintaining a different color where there was a lesion before. It is characteristic of skin suffering from acne.

You already know what medical peeling is and how it is appliedto remove facial blemishes and moles from your skin. If you would like to learn more about this wonderful treatment, AA Clinicwill be happy to help you.