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Because for most of us, diet is not enough.

The Elipse Balloon weight loss program is the jump-start you need to begin the weight loss process.

We know that it is very difficult to lose weight and that sometimes dieting is not enough. That’s why we created the Elipse Balloon weight loss program to help you get started on your way to the new you.

If you are significantly overweight and have a history of failed diets, the Elipse Balloon Weight Loss Program may be the solution you need. With the help of a multidisciplinary team and the feeling of satiety provoked by the balloon, you can change your eating habits in a healthy way.

What it is and how it works

Elipse® weight loss program

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Risk-free results

When combined with a comprehensive weight loss program, the Elipse Balloon can help you lose 20-50% of your excess weight.

A simple revolution

The Elipse Balloon is placed during a brief 20-minute visit to the doctor and, at the end of the therapy, it empties by itself and is eliminated naturally.

Make a difference

With the Elipse Balloon inside your stomach, you will eat less without feeling hungry. After 16 weeks of therapy, patients lost an average of 15 kg.

Wireless monitoring

You will receive constant advice from your physician and an expert nutritionist throughout the Elipse program with connected "smart" scale technology and a mobile app to track your progress.

Reduce your size and improve your health with the Elipse Balloon.

Unlike previous gastric balloons that had to be placed and removed by means of an endoscopic medical procedure under general anesthesia, theElipse Balloon is the first one to be swallowed and, months later, eliminated naturally.

Normally, the Elipse Balloon is installed during a brief visit to the doctor and daily activities can then be resumed. No surgery, endoscopy or anesthesia* is required and, above all, your comfort, well-being and safety are given priority.

With the help of the Ellipse Balloon, participants in the program lose an average of 20 to 50% of their excess weight. As a participant in the comprehensive Elipse Program, you will receive all the assistance you need to succeed. You will be advised by a team of friendly medical professionals including a physician and a nutritionist. Awireless digital scale will provide constant feedback on your progress to the care team and through several visits will help you get the most out of the Ellipse Balloon. When you eliminate the balloon, your body will have become accustomed to healthy eating habits with smaller portions.

*Only in very rare cases, the Elliptical Balloon may require endoscopy or surgical intervention to be performed. extraction. Talk to your doctor today to find out if the Elipse Program is right for you. Also information can be found at



What is the Elipse® gastric balloon and how does it work?

It is a gastric balloon that is swallowed by mouth with a little water. It is a capsule containing the balloon and attached to a thin catheter, which is removed once the balloon filling process is completed.

No sedation or endoscopic procedure is required to introduce the balloon into the stomach, only a few minutes of radiographic control to verify its correct implantation. Once the capsule is swallowed and reaches the stomach, the balloon is filled with 550 cc of purified water.

What does it feel like after the Elipse® gastric balloon implantation?

The first few days you may feel nausea or discomfort, which will disappear in a short time. In these cases, medication is prescribed to minimize these symptoms and make the patient feel better.

The feeding during the first three days will consist of a liquid diet and little by little, as the patient feels well, he/she will be able to incorporate solid food. The feeling of satiety provided by the Ellipse balloon allows to successfully initiate and maintain the whole parallel process of acquiring healthy habits. A multidisciplinary team will be at your side to help you.

How long does the Elipse® gastric balloon stay in the stomach?

The time of permanence of this balloon in the stomach is approximately 16 weeks (4 months).

What will happen when I have removed the gastric balloon?

By the time you eliminate the balloon, your body will have become accustomed to feeling healthy and active with smaller portions of food.

How much weight can be lost with this type of gastric balloon?

Depending on each case and type of overweight or obesity during the time the balloon implantation lasts, it is possible to lose at least 10-15Kg. Weight loss is related to the initial BMI, the degree of motivation of the patients and the subsequent follow-up carried out in the dietetics and psychology service.

Risk-free results

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How is the Elipse® Gastric Balloon removed?

In this case it is not necessary to perform an endoscopic process, nor any type of sedation for the removal of the Ellipse balloon, since it disintegrates in a stepwise manner and is eliminated naturally by the body, both the liquid it contains and the material from which it is made (silicone).

No surgery, anesthesia or endoscopy is required for the placement and removal of the Ellipse gastric balloon.

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Risk-free results

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Get to know your medical team, carry out the diet and exercise instructions and learn how to get the most out of the Ellipse Program.


The Elipse Balloon is ingested during a simple outpatient procedure that does not require surgery, endoscopy or anesthesia.


Follow the diet and instructions to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
Wireless monitoring

A wireless “smart” scale connects the user to the physician for follow-up.


After four months, the balloon empties and is eliminated naturally without the need for medical intervention.


After removing the ball, it will have acquired some
healthy eating habits and your medical team will help you maintain a healthy nutrition and lifestyle to help you maintain your weight over the long term.

It is important to remember that the most important and critical part of any weight loss process is the patient’s ownchange in eating and lifestyle habitsthat must be maintained once the balloon is removed.