Body Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is considered worldwide as a highly effective treatment to combat cellulite.
This technique consists of the application of a series of active ingredients, based on natural extracts, through intradermal micropunctures. The products used in mesotherapy are of natural and synthetic origin and must be applied by a medical specialist. The type of substances injected may vary according to the specific needs of each patient, either to accelerate the destruction of adipose accumulations or to improve circulation or oxygenation.
This treatment allows tomobilize and dissolve the accumulated fat that does not disappear with exercise.It also manages to activate the microcirculation of the area at arterial, venous and lymphatic levels, thus regenerating tissue and promoting the elimination of liquids and toxins.
The procedure is performed in the office and does not require local anesthesiasince it is practically painless. Each session lasts between 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the area to be treated, with an interval between sessions of 1 week. An average of 8 sessions is performed. These sessions should be repeated annually.
The treatment has no recovery time, allowing for an immediate return to normal routine.
The exclusive combination of biological products also allows the improvement of stretch marks, stimulating the self-regeneration of the skin and helping its recovery.