One of the branches within biological medicine is “biostimulation with PLASMA RICH IN PLATELETS”, which stimulates hair growth and improves hair quality, thanks to its high content of platelet growth factors.
Platelet-rich plasma is derived from human blood. It is obtained by means of a conventional blood extraction performed on the patient himself and which, after a process of ultracentrifugation and with the addition of specific substances, is injected directly into the area to be treated in the form of capillary mesotherapy.
Since platelet-rich plasma is derived from the patient’s own blood there is no risk of rejection or allergic reactions.
According to some studies, the use of PRP in the treatment of hair loss seems to be able to stimulate the cells responsible for hair growth and reverse the process of hair miniaturization in the areas where it is applied. As a result we can see a more resistant, stronger and thicker hair.

When PRP is used as adjuvant therapy in hair transplantation, it can be injected into both the recipient and donor sites to accelerate the healing process. There is also some evidence that hair follicles that are preserved with PRP prior to the follicular implantation phase of hair transplantation cause hair to grow faster postoperatively because, theoretically, PRP stimulates the progenitor cells (stem cells) of new transplanted follicles.

The protocol consists of 3 initial sessions separated by one month each. Then one session every 6 months if the patient wishes. Results begin to be seen after the fourth month of treatment.