Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is well known for treating women’s aesthetic problems, generally the hated cellulite that appears due to fat accumulation. But this treatment is also used to combat baldness, a major aesthetic problem for men (also for women, although they are less likely to suffer from this problem).

Baldness can occur for various reasons and there are several techniques and products to treat it: cosmetic products, aesthetic medicine techniques and surgeries.

Hair mesotherapy is one of these techniques. Able to combat the first signs of baldness, it controls hair loss and strengthens hair and ensures that hair loss will not recur. Mesotherapy provides excellent results that can be observed and appreciated after several sessions.
Undoubtedly, one of the best options to treat baldness is to start a hair mesotherapy treatment.

Aesthetic medicine unituses the products of Dr. Reckeweg (German Homeopathic Laboratory) in hair mesotherapy. Its more than 70 years of tradition guarantee its efficacy and safety. It is a reference in Biological Medicine, with proven efficacy in more than 30 countries in the five continents.

Hair mesotherapy should be performed exclusively by physicians with adequate experience and training in the field.

What is the hair mesotherapy procedure like?
Microinjections of natural substances are applied to the scalp, these substances can be trace elements, vitamins, minoxidil, amino acids, panthenol, biotin and vasodilator.

It is not a painful treatment, the patient may only feel minimal discomfort due to the needle pricks in the scalp. However, in some cases local anesthesia is applied to numb the area and feel absolutely nothing.

Each session lasts between 15 and 30 minutes and approximately 12 sessions should be applied, although the number of sessions required varies depending on the type of hair, hormonal and genetic factors.

Results can begin to be seen after 4 months of treatment. This must be constant and not abandoned in order to achieve excellent results.

What are the contraindications of hair mesotherapy?

This treatment has no contraindications, although, as always, the patient’s medical history should be thoroughly reviewed.

What are the side effects of hair mesotherapy?

Side effects are not serious and disappear in a few days. After the sessions it is common to feel: pain in the area, small inflammation, slight burning (which will last only a few hours, until the applied substance dissolves), bruising where the substance was injected, itching, stains on the skin of the treated area.

What is the aftercare after the sessions?

The doctor sometimes recommends applying anti-inflammatory cream after each session to reduce the inflammation of the area caused by the needle pricks.

What are the results of hair mesotherapy?

Hair will be much stronger and healthier, and will not fall out as much as before. We will observe that it will have strengthened the quality and texture of the hair, giving it shine, stimulated its growth and stopped hair loss.

At 5 monthswe may notice new hair growth.